What’s all this then!?

I figured this was a good way of getting the wider internet introduced to my sick, sad world of Saints:Savages. My name is A.J and I started writing this all of a month ago over 5 days off that I had from my day job (Tattooing). 2 150 page scripts, a 70 page Prequel and the beginning of the Third script later I decided that I should probably start drawing as no studio in their right mind would pick it up! (Also, it is all registered with the WGA and copywrited to me! mwahaha). I’ve stupidly taken to it all alone (Inkers?! Colourists?! shit…) to see how far I can get. Over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading character bios and some minisodes for you to judge then eventually the completed, first 30 page issue will be available for purchase (the first 5 will be uploaded for freeee)¬†

Anywhere, here is a rough breakdown of the plot

The story follows Bonnie, a young, headstrong woman with a muddy past and even muddier morals. It’s a dark, comedic look at family and the lengths we’d go for them. On her journey of complicated heists, shootouts, car chases, crashing planes, vicious bikers, angry men in suits and stupid choices she makes dangerous enemies and even more dangerous friends. Ultimately she learns that sometimes the family you have and the family you never wanted is closer than you think…

Also Curtis… you’re going to fucking love Curtis Stevens